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Gatis Eglitis

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Gatis Eglitis is one of the founders of the international company EXANTE and holds the position of executive director.

Having entered the University of Latvia he successfully graduates with a bachelor's degree in international economic relations. Not satisfied with the broad scope of the acquired knowledge, he decided to continue onto the Master's programme in order to obtain a more focused focus on his chosen specialization. The result of studies at the University of Latvia was Master's degree in Finance. Graduated from the Copenganen Busines School (CBS), one of the oldest and most respected business schools in Europe. The school is recognised by the global economic community for its academic knowledge and close cooperation with the real working businesses all over the world.

Gaining Experience

In 2006 he starts working for Soxo Bank Denmark: first as a trader, then as an institutional trader. In 2006 he starts working in Soxo Bank Denmark: first as a trader, then as a specialist of institutional trading. Eglitis begins to work with large volumes of investments by applying his knowledge from academic institutions. This type of sales can only be afforded by large institutions in the financial environment - this is unlike retail traders. Having access to information from transactions of other bank traders helped Gatis to analyze the situation on the markets and choose the right decisions. There is fierce competition among "institutionalists", which helps to identify weak players. In a tough environment, only the most recent deal can show how successful a trader is. Clear understanding of the situation, planning and development of strategic tasks led Eglitis to the position of the bank's Institutional Sales Manager.

Company Ideas

Interacting with large global investors, Gatis Eglitis points out that all trading platforms offer complex trading strategies. The way to secure loan repayment and reduce credit risk - loan derivative, statistical arbitrage with its cross trades, futures - is an incomplete list of financial instruments that exclude simple trading strategies. This is when the would-be broker considers creating his own platform to enable private investment funds to act aggressively. The main goal of such funds is to gain maximum profit using borrowed funds and price formation.

The uniqueness of EXANTE

Eglitis and his partners co-founded Exante in 2011, serving on the executive committee and investment committee. In 2016 he became managing partner of EXT ltd Malta, the area of responsibility included planning strategies, ways of business development. In the local financial services market, the company provided an opportunity to work with a global set of financial structures for traders who entrusted their operations exclusively to banks in Malta. The platform was the first and unique in its kind: it was created by traders with real experience, to the service of local professionals. The trading platform has become a platform of funds with more than two resources for profit, working in real internet mode. They have got the possibility to perform trading activities directly as well as to be engaged in self-promotion, strategies promotion among many Exante users.


The trading platform has a modular principle: automatic and manual. Own set of trading tools is available, understandable, allows making transactions for experienced and novice participants of the market. Commission for brokerage services does not depend on the number of transactions made by clients. Company provides availability of many financial instruments through single client account with fixed payment details. Using only one account the client from any corner of the globe can conduct trading operations. Gatis Eglitis, while giving the interview, said: "It is necessary to switch as soon as possible from one asset class to another if you want to reduce the risk. No other company allows its clients to manage assets in such a dynamic way".

EXANTE Development

Extensive outlook gave a reason to increase and improve the trading partners of Exante. Presently the site offers more than 400 000 financial instruments from more than 50 world markets. Such a global scale allows users to follow major events in financial world finding their own profit. For such activity the company has repeatedly received awards and prizes from financial observers:

  • Digital Investment Company;

  • Blockchain Awards;

  • Divorce in Finance;

  • Invеstеmеnt Innovations Аwаrds.


Gatis Eglitis is a welcome participant of international conferences that focus on economic models of business development, information technology. Eglitis himself is an ardent supporter of environmentally friendly human existence in nature. After a change of residence to the Mediterranean coast, Gatis Eglitis planted over 250 trees together with his team. The most recent project is the implementation of landscaping of the local garden of the cancer center, where Exante donates to charity, involving its customers.

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